About Us

Who We Are.

We, at Bhogarmed, pride ourselves at being Domain agnostic. Vast Industry experience in building complete systems (hardware and software) and products in embedded space using the latest available technologies. Engineers at heart and strive to provide competitive solutions using the latest technology.

Excellent HW and SW Co-Design skills which enables us to deliver performance by design. Our technical team has more than 50 Staff years of experience in Embedded Systems development and testing.


Bhogarmed, LLC was started to build state of the art medical devices and innovative solutions that impact public healthcare.

We firmly believe that investor interests and mass social benefits can go hand in hand by using technology as an enabler of convergence.


  • Overall core team has 75+ years of combined experience.
  • Bhogarmed, LLC has an excellent vendor eco-system for augmenting core strengths and complementing non-core areas.